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Little Rock Field Trip Poster_edited.jpg

Click the above image to view a walk-through demo.

Interactive Field Trip Thumbnail.png

This project prototypes a virtual field trip for a fourth-grade class who have been prevented by the pandemic from traveling. The material was created using all original artwork and photo resources from Google Maps and public domain images. To maximize motivation and help drive anticipation for a screen-only experience, I framed the poster as a teaser ad with a crime-scene mystery theme to pique student interest. I enjoy puns and wordplay, so the "suspects" had clever names and clues that could be referred to later to drive instructor-led discussions. 

The interactive learning module, prototyped in Adobe XD, features recognizable affordances and a guided first-pass experience to serve as a built-in tutorial. The arrowhead icons along each path took some development as they were not initially seen as clickable items. Adding a circular area around each alleviated this.

Workflow & Prototyping

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